Monday, April 13, 2009

Mid-Spring Break

It's 10 PM and we're getting ready for an early flight out to the Galapagos tomorrow morning. I couldn't resist staying up just for a bit to post these recent tibdbits about Ecuador that have cropped up in the news.

First, our favorite local chocolate was profiled on NBC. Funny, I just stuck a bar of it in a wedding present for my cousin...

Next, and this is a bit late in the "news" cycle, but Guapulo (our former neighborhood) has had a string of bad luck. First, while we were in Washington at a wedding, a military plane flew into the neighborhood. Sadly, seven people died, but it fortunately narrowly missed many of our friends who live not a football field away from the crash site. Wow.

Then, a week later, a retaining wall that was quickly built in response to the rapidly disintegrating hillsides of Guapulo collapsed one block in-between our friends houses and the airplane crash.

Shit, I'm kinda glad we got out of there!

Here's a friend of ours bravely standing with her child where a street (and I believe a couple of cars) used to exist. Our friends John and Tasha used to live in the building in the background, a sobering picture for them, I'm sure. Thankfully, nothing more than some civil engineers egos were harmed during this particular catastrophe.

Finally, as I said, tomorrow we are off to the Galapagos. Having just returned from the VERY safe and secure feeling oasis of Colombia (seriously, fantastic country--more later on it), I wasn't super keen to return to what has felt to be an increasingly insecure Quito. But, I knew we were doing a quick turnaround to the idyllic islands of the Galapagos. With scenes of swimming with dolphins, tanning with sea lions, laying on safe and sunny beaches, and relishing fresh seafood every night, I googled the Galapagos to check on the weather and what not. This, is what I found.

Damn it. I can't win.

Well, except for that little victory by UNC last week....