Friday, September 25, 2009


Where have I been? Good question. At the end of June, Erin and I left Ecuador. It was the end of our contract with Colegio Americano, and it was time to return to Boulder.

The ending of our time in Ecuador was harsh. We were robbed, and a colleague at our school passed away. It was a crazy June, and I don't feel comfortable writing about the events on the blog just yet. Maybe one day.

But, thanks to my good friend, Tibi, we had a cleansing (limpia) by a local Amazonian Jungle woman, and our luck has turned. I don't know if it was the cigarette smoke she blew on me, or the eggs and peppers she rubbed on us and then cooked, or, maybe, the local fire-water she spit on us; but our hard patch in Ecuador was followed by an excellent Colorado summer, and now we are loving our life in Turkey!

I'll be back to esteecuador to post some of the adventures that composed our spring, but, I've also started a new blog at

Keep your eyes on both, because there was lots of good stuff I didn't get around to writing about in Ecuador, and Turkey is a whole new ballgame/blog-game!

Thanks for your patience while I processed, but I'm back, good as new!