Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two Years

Well, here we are at the two year anniversary of this blog. On October 31, 2007, I started tracking the numbers of visitors to esteeucador with clustermaps. Since then, the site has been visited 5,567 times. Now, that's pretty cool. The map for this year looks like this:

That's a bunch of dots, in a ton of diverse places. I'm flattered. I have to say that the word probably got out because of the Ecuador Reporter, and I would like to thank Tom and Kathleen for their support of "The Blue Footed Booby."

As I've said before, this blog will be slowing down in the next months. I'm living in Turkey now, and it seemed best to start a new blog about my experiences in the Middle East. We thought about calling it este-pavo, but I settled on nargileistan. Nargile is the Turkish name for the ever-present water pipes here in Turkey. And, istan, I believe, means country of men with beards. Anyway, it works. Please visit, bookmark, or subscribe to the new blog. www.nargileistan.blogspot.com

Maybe one day the list of visitors to that blog can look as cool as the people who have visited this one:

United States (US)1,382
Ecuador (EC)342
Australia (AU)58
Canada (CA)56
United Kingdom (GB)54
Turkey (TR)50
Colombia (CO)40
Venezuela (VE)37
Germany (DE)30
Italy (IT)24
Peru (PE)23
Spain (ES)17
Netherlands (NL)16
Malaysia (MY)14
Thailand (TH)12
Philippines (PH)11
Saudi Arabia (SA)11
Bolivia (BO)10
Panama (PA)10
Korea, Republic of (KR)10
Bulgaria (BG)9
Indonesia (ID)9
Mexico (MX)9
Honduras (HN)9
France (FR)9
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR)9
Pakistan (PK)8
Romania (RO)8
China (CN)8
Chile (CL)8
United Arab Emirates (AE)8
Dominican Republic (DO)8
Belgium (BE)7
Japan (JP)7
India (IN)7
Vietnam (VN)7
Norway (NO)6
Argentina (AR)6
New Zealand (NZ)5
Kuwait (KW)5
Brazil (BR)5
Georgia (GE)5
South Africa (ZA)5
Finland (FI)4
Uruguay (UY)4
Greece (GR)4
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)4
Russian Federation (RU)4
Nicaragua (NI)4
Bhutan (BT)4
Costa Rica (CR)4
Sweden (SE)4
Poland (PL)3
Austria (AT)3
Brunei Darussalam (BN)3
Sri Lanka (LK)3
Hong Kong (HK)3
Oman (OM)3
Algeria (DZ)3
Switzerland (CH)3
Serbia (RS)2
Montenegro (ME)2
Slovakia (SK)2
Qatar (QA)2
Lithuania (LT)2
Jamaica (JM)2
Netherlands Antilles (AN)2
Jordan (JO)2
Hungary (HU)2
Morocco (MA)2
Portugal (PT)2
Cyprus (CY)2
Mongolia (MN)1
Estonia (EE)1
Denmark (DK)1
Ukraine (UA)1
Czech Republic (CZ)1
Ireland (IE)1
Israel (IL)1
Guatemala (GT)1
Puerto Rico (PR)1
Cayman Islands (KY)1
Senegal (SN)1
Madagascar (MG)1
Zambia (ZM)1
Singapore (SG)1
Togo (TG)1
Namibia (NA)1
Egypt (EG)1
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)1
Croatia (HR)1
Europe (EU)1
Albania (AL)1
Syrian Arab Republic (SY)1
Lebanon (LB)1
Malta (MT)1
Liechtenstein (LI)1

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